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Frequently Asked Questions

Section 465 of the Local Government Act requires that "At the public hearing, all persons who believe that their interest in property is affected by the proposed bylaw must be afforded a reasonable opportunity to be heard or to present written submissions respecting matters contained in the bylaw that is the subject of the hearing." In order for Council to know what your interest in property is, and how they should weight it, they need to know what your property is. This would normally be property that you either own, or live at, but you can provide the address of anywhere that gives you an interest in property - this doesn't even need to be in Merritt. You may for example live near the boundary and have concerns about the effect on traffic or the local environment, or you may have moved away from the City due to local factors that a proposal would change.

All data you provide on this site is used solely for the purpose of processing your submission for a Public Hearing. No data is used from this site for any other purpose. If you make a submission to a Public Hearing, your name and the property address you provide will be part of the public record alongside your submission. These will be stored and processed within Canada, but may be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. If you provide your email address or phone number alongside your submission, these may be used to contact you by City staff if there are any issues regarding your submission (for example, you have made multiple submissions, or there is a technical issue with the submission you provided). These will never be publicly shared.

The personal information gathered in this site is gathered for the purpose of conducting a Public Hearing under section 464 of the Local Government Act. The legal authority is s465 of the Local Government Act and s26(c) of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Personal Privacy Act, as this information is necessary to conduct a Hearing. If you have questions about how this data will be handled, please call the Director of Corporate Services at City Hall, Merritt, on 250-378-4224.

If you wish to change or withdraw a submission you have already made to a Hearing that has not yet taken place, please contact City staff. You will be required to satisfy City staff that you are the person who made the original submission (for example by validating the unshared contact data stored with your submission). If the Hearing has already taken place, the submission is part of the permanent record, and cannot be altered.

All submissions are reviewed by City staff to ensure they are not spam. Submissions are published after review. Submissions do not need to be approved prior to the deadline in order to be included, they merely need to be sent in before the deadline.