Mark & Lucile Smyth made the following submission on 2022-08-18

As owners (born and raised in Merritt) of the residence at 1425 Quilchena Avenue, we wholeheartedly disagree with the proposed amendment to change the zoning of Lot A, DL 125, KDYD, Plan EPP27753, PID: 029-292-484 from ``Low Density Residential (R2)`` and `` Park & Cemetery (P1)`` to ``Small Parcel Residential (R3)``, ``Park & Cemetery (P1)``, and ``Medium Density Residential (R7)``. We strongly feel that any development to the aforementioned parcel of land (the old railroad bed), should be only for green space such as a biking and walking trail, as this was the original intended designation as part of the Kettle Valley Rails to Trails. We would think that the City of Merritt would be more concerned with correcting the flooding problem caused by improper drainage in the area of the proposed rezoning. By leaving it as a green space and installing proper drainage ditches, this will alleviate possible flash flooding in the future. The City Council seems more concerned with adding additional housing in a flood plain area and putting the safety of the existing residential properties at risk, instead of trying to improve the area in question. In closing, we feel the City Council should use common sense and re-think the entire community plan for this area. Respectfully, Mark & Lucile Smyth