Shaun Christina Reagh made the following submission on 2022-08-18

I wish to vote NO to Zoning Bylaw: That the Official Zoning Map, being Schedule “A” of the City of Merritt Zoning Bylaw No. 2284, 2020, is amended by changing the zoning designation of the parcel legally described as Lot A, DL 125, KDYD, Plan EPP27753, PID: 029-292-484 from “Low Density Residential (R2)” and “Park & Cemetery (P1)” to “Small Parcel Residential (R3)”, “Park & Cemetery (P1)”, and “Medium Density Residential (R7)”. My home is on Coldwater Avenue where my back yard would be right against the proposed small housing This seems very close and intrusive I also wonder why this area which is " flood" prone would be chosen for residential living? I am a flood evacuee and still have much work to finish to bring my home back to where it was. I am willing to take the time and spend the money on repairs to my home because of the area. I do not wish to have this rezoning for residential happening practically right in my back yard Many people walk along this area and many were hoping for a nice walking pathway to be developed That certainly would be a much better use of such a long and narrow strip of land Sincerely Ms Shaun Christina Reagh