Fred and Janice Riley made the following submission on 2022-08-18

We are concerned with the R7 proposed rezoning. We live at one of the properties directly north of the proposed R7 land and are greatly concerned with how a multi-residential building would affect our existing quality of life for many reasons. The R7 zoning at maximum allowable usage would allow for a 13 unit development with up to 18 metres in height (4 stories). And because the property is in the flood plain, we assume that the property height would have to be increased prior to any building taking place, so the building(s) could be monstrous. This would mean that - we would have no privacy in our backyard, nor in the backyard of our carriage house, decreasing our rental potential - there would be increased noise from the units - there would be increased light at night from the development - we would not have any direct sunlight on our property for the majority of each day - we would lose our view of the surrounding mountains - there would be increased traffic on our street and traffic noise from the development behind us The only access to the property would have to come from the area designated to be the completion of Cleasby Street, connecting Quilchena to Coldwater. This property is surrounded by two community halls, Ska-Lu-La, four residences and Fairley Park with no rear or side access. And the access from Cleasby is only about the width of a normal residential property. So we have concerns over how the traffic would flow and where all the residents would park. Right now, people park in that area whenever there are events at either of the two halls, the Elks Hall and Fairley Park. If the R7 zoning gets approved for this property, the taxpayers will no longer have any say in how it gets developed. The City could sell the land to a developer who in turn could build whatever they want within the allowable zoning and the neighbours would not have any say in it. So we think this rezoning is premature. The City needs to put a plan in place for the development of this land, then provide an opportunity for feedback on the plan before any rezoning takes place. Now is not the time for the rezoning of this small piece of land. When we purchased our property on Quilchena Ave. there was a old railway bed behind us. Then in 2015 the OCP , after public consultation designated that piece of land as P2 - Public Use with the concept of a community garden right behind us. Good idea. So how did we get from a community garden to a high rise multi-unit residential building? What a drastic change! Please reconsider rezoning this small piece of land at this time. Let’s think about this further and consider all the implications to our neighborhood before you make this drastic change.