Patty and Nic Beers made the following submission on 2022-08-18

We have some questions about the proposed development along the old railway corridor lands. We understand a flood plain assessment was being done, we are wondering why the City of Merritt would not want to wait for the results of this study before proposing development that needs rezoning in the zone 4 floodzone? It seems the City of Merritt, who is the developer, is in a hurry to get these zoning changes put through before they know if they’ll even be able to build in this area. The City of Merritt is the developer of the proposed development along the old railway corridor. Can you explain what the City’s involvement and financial commitments will be to the project? I understand BC Housing and Ask Wellness will be leading the process of the 3D Housing builds as per Greg Solecki. Who would qualify to live in this housing if it is run by BC Housing/AskWellness? Is it based on your annual income to qualify to be on the BC Housing eligibility list? If so, this would eliminate those working and earning too much that are in need of housing post flood. We have heard claims that 3D homes are flood proof and fire proof. How so? The cement washroom facilities at Voght Park flooded during the Nov.2021 floods. These 3D homes have standard wood construction roof systems, plus some interior wood construction-that is not fireproof. The cost of 3D homes, which would include the cost of the $1million-$1.5million dollar 3D printer in the total cost does not make them a more inexpensive way to construct a home. Nor is it quicker to construct a small home made of 3D printed exterior walls than it is to construct a wood frame small home. Yes, there is definitely a need for housing in Merritt but 3D housing has not been proven to be the quickest, most cost efficient type of housing with only one other 3D house constructed in BC. I’m sure those that need housing because their homes are not renovated or liveable yet just want to get back into their own homes. It’s unfortunate the anonymous donation of $500,000 couldn ‘t be used to get these people back in their own homes, where they want to be. Please explain what exactly the ‘West Merritt Active Transportation Path’ is. The section that runs from Main Street to Spring St.(a 4.5metre wide corridor as stated), is where sidewalks already exist. Is this 4.5metre corridor in front of existing sidewalks? Can cars park in front of their residences from Main St., to Spring St. if this Path is constructed in front of their homes? Regarding 3D printed homes in the Memo dated July 19/2022 file no.3900-2338 under Financial/Risk Implications it states: NONE. I would think that any developer(the City of Merritt is the developer in this case) faces some financial risk. Post flood I am sure the City of Merritt could use some much needed revenue. Perhaps, the City of Merritt could generate some revenue by not building the 3D printed homes but instead sell the property for residential purposes, if the flood assessment allows this. Thank you for answering our questions, Patty and Nic Beers